end of strike

November 20, 2017: the representative plaintiffs have provided an open letter to all college students with respect to the recently passed back-to-class legislation and services available to students, which can be viewed here. The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development issued a press release advising of a proposed tuition refund and student support fund. The press release can be read here.

CAUTION! Before you accept an offer from the Ontario government to compensate you for tuition fees or for up to $500 of incremental unexpected costs, please read the government’s documents carefully. We are currently trying to determine whether the government will require you to sign a release of all claims before processing your request for a tuition refund or the incremental unexpected costs.

If the Ontario government requires you to sign a release of all claims, then you can no longer participate in the class action or make any additional claims for compensation besides the ones the government is already offering to pay.

Release of all claims is a document/agreement where, in exchange for some amount of money, you agree that you will not seek to recover any additional compensation from anyone. In effect, you are releasing any and all claims you may have with respect to the strike.